Electric two-wheelers have proven themselves as vital elements in the transportation renaissance the world is currently going through. Catchwords such as urban mobility, sustainability, environmentally friendly, and zero-emissions are popping up left and right, and companies both big and small have been rolling out their interpretation of tomorrow's next big electric hit. The common denominator of all this is the humble kick scooter

What was once considered mainly just a kids' toy has vastly reshaped what many people today call the urban personal mobility sector. If you head over to the busy central business districts of basically any city in the world, you're bound to see young professionals and leisurely city dwellers rocking one of these hip new contraptions. As such, it really isn't surprising that scooter makers are elevating their products when it comes to tech and design. However, just how much tech is too much tech?

Well, you be the judge. Unagi Scooters, a startup dedicated to building electric scooters, has recently unveiled the Model Eleven. Currently looking for backers on Indiegogo, the Model Eleven is quite possibly the most high-tech electric kick-scooter out there. David Hyman, the CEO of Unagi, describes the Model Eleven as "the most intelligent scooter on the planet." The Model Eleven has been designed by renowned Swiss designer Yves Béhar, and employs sleek, flowing lines, and an overall design language that lends itself to a work of art, rather than a utilitarian appliance. 

The Model Eleven boasts a monocoque body made out of carbon-fiber, as well as a dual suspension system damping both the front and rear wheels. Unagi's Model Eleven is powered by an electric motor that can propel this stand-up scooter to a top speed of around 20 miles per hour. Most impressively, the Model Eleven comes outfitted with cutting-edge tech we'd commonly only find in some of the most premium motorcycles. Its technological package consists of an array of integrated systems which provide a safe and seamless riding experience. The Model Eleven employs Bluetooth smartphone integration complete with GPS tracking and an anti-theft alarm. 

To make things even better, the scooter makes use of Unagi's proprietary "Crash Assist AI" technology, which makes use of cameras to detect all moving objects within the scooter's vicinity. It then sends an alert via the scooter's full-color instrument display and speaker system alerting the rider of the impending doom of an upcoming collision.

Understandably, because of all this technology, the Unagi Model Eleven fetches a rather ridiculous price of around $2,550 USD for the base model, while the Crash Assist feature is a $278 USD option. However, if you visit Unagi's Indiegogo page linked below, you could get the Model Eleven at a discount of up to 40-percent via special perks exclusive to backers of the project. 

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