GM’s investor day event titled “From Automaker to Platform Innovator” had some pretty big announcements regarding the company’s switch to electrification.

We already learned that GM plans to launch a sub-$30,000 Chevrolet EV, a $30,000 Chevy Equinox EV, and a Blazer EV. Mind you, these are only a few of the 30 new electric vehicles GM has pledged to launch by 2025.

Of course, having attractive EVs in the lineup is essential, but the charging infrastructure needed to support millions of future EV owners is also crucial.

GM knows that, which is why it has also announced increasing investment in EV charging. The automaker has pledged to spend nearly $750 million on charging infrastructure through 2025, covering all charging domains, including home, workplace, and public charging throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“Today, GM is announcing an increase in our investment in charging infrastructure to nearly three quarters of a billion dollars through 2025, significantly increasing GM EV owners’ access to reliable Level 2 and fast charging with the superior customer experience of Ultium Charge 360. This investment will accelerate infrastructure buildout across home, workplace and public charging throughout the US and Canada, and is a key enabler to GM’s EV adoption.”

Ken Morris, VP of Electric, Autonomous and Fuel Cell Vehicle Programs at GM

The executive added that the charging experience will be centered around GM's Ultium Charge 360 holistic charging approach. 

“For the widespread adoption of EVs, GM understands that a convenient and robust charging experience is fundamental. Ultium Charge 360 is our solution that supports EV owners, dealers, and fleets. It integrates our mobile apps, charging networks, services and products to deliver the best charging experience for GM EV owners at home, at work, or on the go.”

No other details were offered, but GM will provide a sneak peek at its future Ultium charging products on October 7, the second day of its investor event.

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