Jeep has just spilled the beans on the latest generation of the Grand Cherokee, which is now available as the Grand Cherokee 4xe plug-in hybrid model. It pairs a 2-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine with a pair of electric motors for a total 375 horsepower (280 kW) and 470 pound-feet (637 Nm) of torque.

That’s quite a bit more than power and a lot more torque the base V6 Pentastar model whose rating is a more modest 293 horsepower (219 kW) and 260 pound-feet (349 Nm) of torque. Jeep says the 4xe model should return a claimed 57 MPGe and it has a total range of 440 miles (708 km).

Of the two electric motors used for the PHEV system, one is located in the gearbox, in place of the torque converter and it features two clutches that help manage the torque - one clutch is located between the engine and the motor and another one (a variable clutch) is placed behind it.

Gallery: Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

The manufacturer has yet to obtain an official electric-only range number from the EPA, but it says it is targeting a 25-mile (40 km) rating. This is possible thanks to a good size 17 kWh battery pack that runs on a 400-volt architecture.

Jeep also points out that the Grand Cherokee 4xe has an Integrated Dual Charging Module (ICDM) which can act as both a charger for the battery, as well as a DC/DC converter. And even with all this electrification going on in the background, Jeep ensures buyers that everything is well sealed and so the 4xe can wade through up to 24 inches (61 cm) deep water with no issues.

Maximum towing capacity for the Grand Cherokee 4xe is rated at 6,000 pounds (2,720 kg) and according to Christian Meunier, Jeep Brand Chief Executive Officer,

The Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe driver can tailor its hybrid powertrain to suit each trip, from daily commuting in pure-electric mode to extended highway road trips with no range anxiety, allowing owners to explore nature off-road in near silence. This is another important step toward achieving our global vision of Zero Emission Freedom. By 2025, we plan to offer a fully electric Jeep vehicle in every SUV segment.

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