MAN Truck & Bus (part Traton, which is part of the Volkswagen Group), already has introduced a few electric vehicle models (buses, trucks and vans), but the electrification needs to reach scale.

According to MAN CEO Dr. Andreas Tostmann, the transition to battery-electric vehicles will start in 2024.

In Handelsblatt's interview (via Electrek), Andreas Tostmann said that for 2024 the company plans series production of electric trucks with a range of 500 km (311 miles).

That's a lot more than in the case of the current MAN eTGM truck, which can go up to 200 km (124 miles) on a single charge.

MAN eTGM specs:

  • 26-tonne truck
  • range of up to 200 km (124 miles)
  • battery capacity - not disclosed
  • electric drive output: 264 kW (360 hp) and 3,100 Nm
  • AC charging - three-phase 22-44 kW
  • DC charging - up to 150 kW
MAN Lion’s City 12E
MAN Lion’s City 12E

At a later point, the company intends to achieve a range of 700-1,000 km (435-622 miles), which would be truly impressive.

An interesting note from MAN is that the company's CEO prefers battery-electric vehicles over hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, specifically from the viability perspective.

“Cost parity with diesel can be achieved more quickly with an electric drive than with a fuel cell.”

The transition to electric vehicles is inevitable and other manufacturers are also moving in a similar direction. In the bus segment, nine out of 10 new city buses will be electric by 2030 in Europe, according to the forecast.

Currently, MAN offers MAN Lion City E electric buses in 12m and 18m articulated versions.

Additionally, the company offers MAN eTGE, based on the .

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