The Made-in-China (MIC) Tesla Model Y is the lone leader of the Norwegian market in the first half of September.

According to the new car registration numbers, provided by, almost 2,600 Model Y were registered in the first 17 days and about 3,900 total year-to-date (including over 1,300 in August).

That's an exceptional rate, which might end at 4,500-5,000 units total in September and over 6,000 YTD. If it happens, The Model Y would become the one of the top-selling cars in the country after just two months on the market.

We think that the Model Y has a big chance to beat the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Audi e-tron and Volkswagen ID.4 in year-to-date, but a lot depends on the fourth quarter.

A great thing for Tesla is that the Model 3 continues to sell very well with the second-highest number of BEV registrations so far this month (over 700), and the highest number YTD (over 7,750).

Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y interior
Tesla Model Y interior

Tesla also has one more reason for happiness, as the cumulative number of new Tesla registrations just crossed 70,000:

  • Model 3 - 31,215
  • Model S - 21,126
  • Model X - 13,844
  • Model Y - 3,906
  • total - over 70,000 (that's comparable with over 70,000 Nissan LEAFs)

The manufacturer recently shared a few images about Tesla Model Y spreading across Europe and making a big splash.


The total result of over 8,150 new all-electric passenger car registrations so far this month in Norway is already higher than all of September 2020, and we strongly believe that it might become the all-time record month.

The previous best month was December 2020 with 13,718 new BEVs and a total of 17,910 plug-ins. It means that some 6,000 new BEVs must be registered within less than two weeks now.

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