In order to keep up with mainstream rivals that are churning out increasingly talented electric vehicles, Mercedes has had to adapt on the fly and instead of engineering all of its EQ-branded electric models from the ground up, it opted to convert some existing ICE models too. You may know models such as the EQA, EQB or the EQV and now we add the EQG to that list, which is the fully-electric version of the G-Class.

Currently only shown as the EQG Concept, which just debuted at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich, it previews an actual production model expected to debut and go on sale in 2024. The concept looks like the current G-Class, but with a futuristic twist - the best way to describe the way it looks is it appears to have been given a futuristic makeover in order to be suitable for use in a sci-fi film.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG

It has a closed off grille in the front, that gets plenty of LED illumination, a different front bumper, unique 22-inch polished aluminum rims, LED bars on the roof (white for the front, red for the rear) and instead of the exposed spare tire on the back, it has what appears to be a storage box (that could be used to keep charging cables) with with a strip of LEDs that goes all the way around.

Mercedes is staying tight-lipped about the EQG’s specs - the press release says absolutely nothing about power, battery, range or unique features as a result of the vehicle becoming electric. We’re also not shown inside the EQG Concept, so we can’t say what modifications were made.

Rumors say that the production EQG could feature the 107.8 kWh battery pack that’s currently powering the EQS sedan, although we don’t know how it will fit, given the fact that the EQS was engineered around the battery, while the G-Class is a body-on-frame off-roader with its roots in the 1970s.

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