Tesla CEO Elon Musk hasn't said too much about the company's Full Self-Driving Beta technology of late, aside from the whole AI Day presentation. As far as social media is concerned, it has been a bit quiet when it comes to FSD Beta. It seems some people waiting for the download beta button have all but given up.

We have a few folks on our team at InsideEVs who were expectedly excited about the FSD Beta download button, which Musk promised many months ago. They even went so far as to plan ahead and get the equipment needed for making FSD videos. However, it really seems like the beta button and public rollout are still very far away.

Recently, Musk did comment that FSD Beta Version 9.2 is "not great." He also said 9.3 is "much improved." Not long after those comments, Musk made it clear that there will no longer be a 9.3, or any incremental point upgrade coming soon. Instead, he says Tesla is planning to jump straight to Version 10, which Musk indicated will roll out next week.

Musk's mention of FSD Beta V10 and the bublic beta button came as a reply after he had posted a meme. The meme seemed unrelated, but who knows. We'll leave that for you to decide. "Why must beekeepers fight?"


As you can see, Musk says Tesla should be ready for public rollout with FSD Beta 10, which he also says is coming out a week from Friday. However, he goes on to include that the neural network is being completely retrained for version 10, which means several more weeks for "tuning and bug fixes."

Musk concludes by saying his best guess is that the public beta button will come in about four weeks. Who knows what the reality will be, but at least he didn't say two weeks.

As always, head down to the comment section to start a conversation about this topic. What do you think the actual timeline will look like?

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