Rivian has been relatively quiet compared to some other EV startups but this week the company's founder and CEO, RJ Scaringe offered up a brief overview of the Camp Kitchen option that is offered on the R1T electric pickup truck. 

In a tweet sent out a couple of days ago, Scaringe simply says "Camp kitchen!" and offers a short clip of a longer video we found posted on Linkedin by Paul Savich, Rivian's former Senior Studio Technical Specialist.


In the longer version of the video, Scaringe says that he's been getting a lot of questions about the Camp Kitchen so he thought it would be a good idea to offer a short demonstration. He then introduces Rachael Jewkes as the lead engineer for the Camp Kitchen and appears to be the one recording Jewkes as she showcases the $5,000 option.

Rivian Camp Kitchen


Jewkes shows that the Rivian R1T Camp Kitchen has a removable modular design and includes the cooktop module, the sink module, and the water module. Each module can be quickly unlatched and removed exposing the gear tunnel shuttle. The shuttle is the base that the modules sit on and it slides in and out of the gear tunnel. Scaringe also added that there will be additional options for the R1T in the future that will also attach to the shuttle.

You can use it for putting anything on. We'll have in the future more accessories that go on top of it. - RJ Scaringe, Rivian Founder and CEO talking about the R1T gear tunnel shuttle. 

The Camp Kitchen option also comes with a 30-piece kitchen set, including a coffee pot, a coffee grinder, and serving plates made out of titanium. There's also a four-gallon water tank complete with a pump that's located next to the sink. 

We recently learned that only about 7% of all R1T reservation holders ordered their truck with the Camp Kitchen option, so the take rate isn't that high. It's definitely a cool luxury item but those that want to cook campside can probably achieve the same results, if not less elegantly, by assembling the gear separately and plugging a cooktop into one of the four 120-volt power outlets available on the R1T.

We know we have readers that have reserved R1Ts and we'd like to know if you ordered the Camp Kitchen and why or why not. We'd also like to hear everyone's opinion on this option. I think pretty much everyone thinks it's a cool feature, but at $5K is it worth it? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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