Rivian just recently updated its "Stories" page with a new feature entitled "The Inside Story by Rivian." The title is a nice play on words since the story is actually about the inside of the Rivian R1T. The brand says it will begin delivering its electric pickup truck this July 2021, so it's high time to fill people in on all the details related to the truck's cabin.

Rivian provides "details, specs, and other updates on the R1T cabin." There's a whole lot of information to take in, with images to accompany the text. However, Rivian sent us a summary of the specifics via email.

It seems the general theme here is tons and tons of storage, not only for large items but also small personal items. As if the R1T's versatile pickup truck bed, unique gear tunnel, and large frunk (front trunk) weren't enough, you could potentially pack your most prized belongings inside the truck's cabin and live in the truck for a spell. Rivian writes:

"Practical and plentiful storage. An open 14x11-inch space under the center display, a 33-inch wide storage bin under the R1T back seats, smaller storage pullouts under the driver and passenger seats, plus four retractable cup holders and space for a 40-ounce water bottle in each door’s cargo compartment means everything has a place in the R1T cabin."

Rivian designed its vehicles with adventure in mind, and folks buying them are almost certain to leave the pavement, hit the trails, camp in the middle of nowhere, and partake in some off-roading and Overlanding adventures. For this reason, Rivian also highlights the R1T's "refined durability."

Yes, a pickup truck can be luxurious as much as it is durable, and it seems the R1T will be a perfect example of this with its stain and smudge-resistant surfaces, vegan leather seats, and quick-drying, lightweight, and easily removable floor mats.

The R1T also features a built-in Wi-Fi hot spot, a wireless charger for two smartphones, several USB Type C plugs, and both a 12-volt and a 110-volt outlet inside the cabin.

Other notable features include:

  • 16-inch screen
  • Navigation
  • Independent Climate Control
  • A rear 6.5-inch touch screen
  • Optional heated and cooled seats
  • Anchors and tethers in back for three full-size car seats
  • A 1,400-watt Meridian audio system
  • An all-glass panoramic roof
  • A built-in rechargeable flashlight
  • Optional weatherproof, Bluetooth camping speaker

It's important to note, this is just a brief overview of the information Rivian recently published on its website. Be sure to follow the source link below for many more details, as well as images of the R1T's cabin.

Once you've had a chance to take it all in, drop us a message in the comment section below. What do you think?

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