According to a recent tweet by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the Tesla "Giga-factory" was named the Manufacturing Project of the Year by Area Development Magazine. Yes, Abbott did refer to the Austin-based Tesla factory as a "Giga-factory," which is sure to upset folks who don't approve of outspoken CEO Elon Musk's unique naming conventions.

Abbott also shared that the Tesla factory award was part of Texas' ninth Gold Shovel Award. He tweets that this makes the state the best in America when it comes to new economic development projects. It's really too bad Tesla won't be able to sell its cars in Texas.


Not long ago, Tesla only had one car factory. A second site opened in China, and now two more are set to open, one in Texas and another in Germany.

Tesla is reportedly seeing some of the highest demand ever, and it can't possibly keep up since it only has two functional car factories. However, the sites in Texas and Germany are set to open soon, and the Austin site has already received an award ahead of opening.

It's important to clarify that the upcoming Tesla factory wasn't the only Texas site to receive honors from Area Development Magazine. It was just one facility that earned praise and helped the state win the recent Gold Shovel Award.

Texas Insider writes:

"Texas was again recognized with a Gold Shovel Award by Area Development ... "

"Also named by Area Development as the manufacturing project of the year is the Tesla 'gigafactory' project in Del Valle just outside Austin, a $1.1 billion investment expected to create 5,000 jobs."

The Texas factory stands to be Tesla's most innovative facility to date. Musk says, upon opening, the factory will first produce an updated version of the Model Y crossover. However, perhaps more groundbreaking is the hugely popular and unique Tesla Cybertruck, which Tesla says will also come out of the factory after the Model Y.

Governor Abbott said:

“The Lone Star State offers innovative businesses the freedom to flourish with our pro-growth economic policies, a predictable regulatory environment, and our young, growing, and diverse workforce.

I thank Area Development Magazine for their recognition, and I look forward to welcoming even more new business investments and job creation as we unleash the full might of the Texas economy."

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