While we love a good electric vehicle drag race, it doesn't really have any practical application to typical daily driving. In fact, unless you're hitting the track on a regular basis or breaking the law, you probably won't be testing out your EV's quarter-mile acceleration or top speed any time soon.

However, zero-to-60-mph performance, real-world range, and fast-charging time are useful metrics that EV owners will certainly experience in daily driving. These are the reasons we love EV road trip races so much, and sadly, it seems they are few and far between, at least in comparison to all the drag races found on YouTube. 

Carwow published a recent video accompanied by the following text, which, based on the above explanation, couldn't be more true:

"It’s time for an electric car range test you didn’t realise you needed… Until today!"

Carwow pits a Tesla Model S Long Range against the all-new Audi RS e-tron GT. The two cars set out to race from Inverness, Scotland to central London, which is a total of 571 miles. There's no way either car will complete the trip on a single charge. However, the key question is, "How many stops will these cars need to make?" 

According to the publication, the Model S Long Range has a range of 388 miles on a single charge. Meanwhile, Audi says the e-tron GT can travel 283 miles on a charge. Based on this information alone, it appears the Tesla may have to stop once to charge, but who knows. The Audi could potentially pull it off with one charging stop, though it would be a pretty amazing feat.

The e-tron GT has the ability to charge at up to 270 kW, as long as the driver can find a charging station with enough power output. Audi says the e-tron GT can charge from 5% to 80% in just 22.5 minutes under the right conditions.

Scroll down to the comment section below and place your bets. Then, watch the video to find out which car wins this epic road trip battle.

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