Is Ford really working on a fully-electric version of its new petit pickup truck, the Maverick? There is some indication that it is, although nothing has been confirmed by the manufacturer. Hints were still dropped by none other than Ford’s CEO Jim Farley who is said to have mentioned that the Blue Oval is planning an entire range of Maverick models, including a fully-electric one.

That’s according to this The New York Times article centered around an interview with the Ford boss. It doesn’t go into too many details about a possible Maverick Lightning, but since Ford has already electrified the model (a hybrid model will be available from launch), it seems like a logical next step (especially since the F-150 Lightning has already racked up over 100,000 orders).

The Maverick EV would make sense for businesses operating in a city or metropolitan area where range isn’t a major issue and the truck’s small size would make it easier to drive, park and live with. And if you want to get an idea about what it might look like, check out this rendering by Drivable Designs.

Ford Maverick Lightning EV

What it proposes is a very lightly changed Maverick. The only chances we spotted were the fully closed off grille, the redesigned headlights that look more like the F-150 Lightning’s, more aerodynamic-looking wheels and different version stickers on the side of the bed.

Honestly, if Ford were to make this vehicle, it probably wouldn’t go crazy with visual differentiation (if the new F-150 Lightning is anything to go by). Perhaps Ford might give the Maverick the full front light bar, just to drive the point home that this is the EV and not another version, but then again it might not in order to keep the price low.

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