Today, Mission Motorsport and Enso announced the result of a very interesting hypermiling attempt conducted recently at the Thruxton circuit in Hampshire, UK.

As with any hypermiling, the goal was to drive as far as possible on a single charge, however, in this case it was also a major test for Enso's tires, which are expected to enter the market later this year.

The team used two Renault ZOE with WLTP range of 245 miles (394 km). Hypermiling record for this model was set in 2018 in France at 351.0 miles (565 km).

The UK team further was able to smash the French record by 124.4 miles, driving around at just 19 mph (31 km/h) day and night.

The results are quite interesting

  • ZOE with OEM tires fitted as standard: 424.7 miles (683.3 km)
  • ZOE with Enso's tires: 475.4 miles (764.9 km)

* we don't know what standard OEM tire was used in the test.

Mission Motorsport Sets Hypermile Record With ENSO’s EV Tires
Mission Motorsport Sets Hypermile Record With ENSO’s EV Tires

According to the press release, the difference between the two ZOEs is 50.7 miles or 11.27% (although we calculated it and it seems almost 12% more).

Assuming 52 kWh battery (usable capacity out of 55 kWh total), the car needed just 109 Wh/mile (76.1 Wh/km).

Aside from the ZOE's hypermiling record (which is just a maximum result, not applicable in the real world), we are quite interested to see more than an 11% increase in range with the Enso tires.

Gunnlaugur Erlendsson, Enso CEO said:

“ENSO’s mission is to deliver the most efficient, durable and sustainable tyres for EVs. ENSO is driven by delivering innovation in the tyre industry and is already working with leading EV carmakers and fleets. This new world record proves that our ultra-energy efficient EV tyres have a huge role to play in extending electric driving range and addressing range anxiety. By delivering ultra-low energy consumption per mile, our EV tyres not only save cost and electricity, but allow us to dramatically extend EV-range, moving the tyre industry truly into the electric age,”.

Mission Motorsport Sets Hypermile Record With ENSO’s EV Tires

Enso is a startup that intends to launch on the market new EV tires (first in London/UK, before rolling out across Europe and North America) with main focus on efficiency and durability to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible.

The company notes that tires are responsible for more PM air pollution than all tailpipes. Moreover, in the case of EVs, because of their weight, tires might wear faster than in internal combustion engine vehicles:

"ENSO is disrupting the tyre industry, by developing energy-efficient, durable and sustainable tyres for EVs.

Tyres are the next great environmental scandal that no one is talking about. Tyres are responsible for more PM air pollution in the UK than all tailpipes (PM2.5 & PM10, DEFRA), over a quarter of all primary micro plastic pollution in our oceans (28%, IUCN), and billions of tyres are wasted and burned annually, accelerating climate change.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are our future and ENSO loves EVs as they help us address climate change. However, like all vehicles EVs still generate tyre pollution, and often emit even more of it, because of their greater weight and torque. So unless we address increased tyre pollution from EVs, the problem will simply go from bad to worse.

This is why ENSO is developing better tyres for EVs, to help reduce air and ocean pollution, help stop climate change in line with the UK Government’s Net-Zero Strategy, and accelerate the adoption of EVs and cleaner forms of mobility. ENSO’s mission is to deliver the most efficient, durable and sustainable tyres for EVs, with its latest energy-efficient tyres having already achieved ‘A’ energy-efficiency ratings by TÜV SÜD in Germany."

A separate element in Enso's strategy to enter the market is a new direct-to-customer ‘pay-per-mile’ sales model. It will be interesting to see how it will work out.

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