There has been lots of talk about the Model Y's build quality. This comes as no surprise since the Model 3 had early fit and finish issues, which were eventually addressed and corrected. We can only assume the same is happening with the Model Y, and now we have news that Tesla is planning to make tooling improvements to the Model Y production line at its main factory in Fremont, California.

Tesla is constantly making changes and improvements, and it doesn't rely on model years, nor does it use traditional refreshes or redesigns related to its vehicles. The automaker also uses advanced manufacturing techniques, which include megacasting with a massive Giga Press, as well as a host of robots. 

Our friends over at Teslarati came across new applications that suggest Tesla will be making improvements to General Assembly 4 (GA4) in Fremont. As you may remember, GA4 is the famous Tesla tent, which is now being used to manufacture the Model Y rather than the Model 3.

Tesla filed to make the "spring structure" a permanent part of its manufacturing efforts, and now it has filed with the City of Fremont to move forward with tooling upgrades. These improvements could stand to make Model Y production more efficient, which may be necessary as demand for Tesla's vehicles surges. The Model Y could soon become the brand's most popular vehicle, and Tesla needs to be able to build enough to fill orders.

Added to this, Tesla continues to be up against regular reports of Model Y fit and finish issues, not to mention a few recent recalls related to the Model Y and Model 3. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has addressed some of the concerns over the years, though he continues to assert that Tesla's long-term edge is related to manufacturing. We'll have to wait and see how this all pans out.

Check out the video below of the Model Y production line at Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory. Then, let us know your thoughts about Tesla's tent and the potential for Model Y production line tooling improvements:


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