We’re only going to see more of these camper conversions, Cybertruck Cyberlandr Camper Passed $50 Million In Pre-orders for the Tesla Cybertruck (along with many other add-ons), but will they be any better than this one by Loki? It’s called the Basecamp and it looks well thought out, well-appointed and it design matches the Cybertruck’s exterior style.

Loki wants $135,000 for it and you can order one with a $10,000 downpayment. It’s certainly steeply priced, but it does offer a wide array of features and it’s split into separate rooms/areas: mud room (that you can hose down with the built-in shower and it can also be converted into a table area), a lounge area, a kitchenette area and a bedroom area.

Basecamp comes with a Webasto auxiliary heating unit that keeps things warm even when outside temperatures plummet, it also has air conditioning, an on-demand water pump and separate tanks for drinking and waste water. Inside it has LED lighting fixtures, a roof fan, configurable storage, wood furnishings, heavy duty floor covering, a roof hatch and the insulation is rated R16, which means it is at least 3 inches thick.

Gallery: Loki Basecamp for Tesla Cybertruck

On the outside, there’s a bright LED bar that shines at up to 28,000 lumens, additional LED lights on the sides and rear, a retractable canopy, a roof rack, as well as side mounting points, a spare tire rack, a multipurpose utility drawer and a full array of blinds and bug screens for all the windows.

It will obviously have a negative impact on the Cybertruck’s range, performance and braking, but the vehicle will be more than powerful enough to cope with the extra heft. Tesla recently announced that engineering and design work on the Cybertruck had concluded and there was a good chance it would go into production before the end of 2021, with deliveries expected to commence in early 2022.

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