A week ago, we alerted you that Tesla is proactively contacting some Model 3 owners for a control arm fix. This came after owners complained of an annoying sound coming from the front of the car. Now, Tesla has issued a voluntary recall on certain Model 3 and Model Y vehicles to inspect brake caliper bolts that may be noisy and could lead to tire pressure loss.

The brake caliper bolt recall isn't yet listed on NHTSA's website, but Tesla reportedly already sent an email to some Tesla owners. The automaker made it clear that it's not aware of any crashes or injuries related to the Model 3 and Model Y brakes, but it wants the owners of potentially impacted vehicles to make an appointment to have their cars inspected.

Electrek obtained the email from Tesla, which basically explains that that brake caliper bolts may not be secured to the "correct specification." If not fixed, the bolts could loosen, causing noise and leading to other potential issues. A portion of the email reads as follows, via Electrek:

“On certain vehicles, the brake caliper bolts may not have been secured to the correct specification. If one or more of these bolts are not secured to the correct specification, the bolt(s) may loosen over time and, in very rare circumstances, may become loose enough or separate such that the brake caliper contacts the inner surface of the wheel rim. In such rare circumstances, abnormal noise may occur, and the wheel may be prevented from freely rotating, which could cause tire pressure loss.”

The recall is specific to Model 3 sedans produced from December 2018 to March 2021. Model Y crossovers built from January 2020 to January 2021 may also be impacted. Tesla hasn't specified how many cars may be affected.

Hopefully, the recall will be officially listed by NHTSA, and perhaps there will be more details. Check NHTSA's website or set up alerts so you can be the first to know when and if your car is recalled.

In the meantime, check out the humorous Tesla Model 3 video review below:

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