Many EV owners are hesitant to tow something large because they know their driving range will plummet. It's also the reason why people who regularly tow might not buy an EV. But is towing with an EV really that bad? The video above breaks it down well and gives EV owners and potential buyers a much better understanding of what it's like towing with an EV versus an ICE vehicle. 

YouTuber Tesla Canuck hooked up a 3,000-pound (1,361 kg) boat and trailer to his Model Y for a 98-mile (158 km) trip to the lake (3,500 pounds is the max towing capacity). Hooking up a trailer to the Model Y's hitch is done exactly the same way as with an ICE vehicle. When the trailer's seven-pin adapter is plugged into the Model Y, it automatically goes into Trailer mode. He left with 98 percent battery remaining, had the A/C running, and wasn't worried about making the trip. 

Model Y hitched to trailer (towing)

Tesla Canuck says towing with an EV offers a better driving experience in comparison to an ICE vehicle because the instant torque gives the driver more confidence and there is less sway because EVs naturally have a lower center of gravity. He mentioned that one-pedal driving and brake regeneration worked well (his trailer did not have brakes). However, Autopilot isn't available when towing. 

Model Y towing 3,000 pound boat data
Data from the towing trip.

Tesla Canuck explains that his efficiency for the trip was 45 percent, which means he lost a little over half his range towing a 3,000-pound boat that day. He says the driving range loss on a tank of gas in a comparable vehicle would be about the same. The temperature was 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit) that day, a warmer day would have yielded slightly better numbers. 

He didn't mention it but he arrived at the entrance to the marina with 29 percent battery left, a decrease of 69 percent. According to his calculations, he saved 13.3 liters of fuel (3.5 gallons) and spent $7.46 of electricity on the trip ($0.14 per kWh). That's cheaper than an ICE vehicle, and could be a significant difference depending on local fuel prices. 

If you can charge at your destination, or if there's a Tesla Supercharger station or a DC fast-charging station (for non-Teslas) nearby, then towing with an EV shouldn't be a problem and could be a better experience. 

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