Thanks to a resourceful member of the Rivian Forums, we now know that Rivian R1T trucks (and likely the R1S SUV) will be sold as 2022 model year vehicles. We also received good information on the electric truck’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and on a possible upcoming dual-motor model. 

Rivian Forums member timf posted an image of Rivian’s VIN decoder form for the R1T truck that was obtained from the NHTSA online database. It’s buried pretty deep but I was able to find the document and a letter attached to it dated March 5th, 2021 (pictured below). The letter and form are part of a manufacturer's 49 CFR 565 submission. According to the NHTSA: 

“A 49 CFR 565 submission, commonly referred to as a VIN Decoder Form, is unique to each manufacturer and vehicle type and cannot be wholly standardized into one specific form.”

Rivian R1T NHTSA VIN Decoder Submission Letter
Rivian R1T NHTSA VIN Decoder Submission Letter

The letter confirms that the Rivian VIN decoder “is started from model year 2022.” 

The VIN decoder also reveals the upcoming truck’s GVRW. It’s between 8,001 and 9,000 pounds (3,629 - 4,082 kg). Keep in mind that GVWR is curb weight and payload capacity. The R1T’s maximum payload is about 1,700 pounds, which puts the curb weight in the area of 6,301 to 7,300 pounds (2,858 - 3,322 kg). 

Rivian R1T VIN Decoder NHTSA Form
Rivian R1T NHTSA VIN Decoder Submission Table

You might be wondering why there is a range of 999 pounds (453 kg). If you look at the Position 6 row in the VIN decoder table above, you will notice quad-motor and dual-motor options. Currently, all R1T models have quad-motor powertrains. This could mean we will be getting a dual-motor model later in production. 

A dual-motor model will be a more affordable option. The Explore model is currently the most affordable with a $67,500 starting price. There is a chance the dual-motor model will have a smaller battery pack, but I think Rivian will keep the R1T’s all-wheel drive drivetrain versus offering it in rear-wheel drive. The smallest battery pack is currently the “Large” pack which offers 300+ miles of range. 

Rivian R1T truck extended car rendering rear
Rivian R1T truck extended cab rendering.

If Rivian decides to build an extended-cab model, the dual-motor powertrain, and smaller battery pack could land in that model. We know there will be an R2T model soon that's supposed to be smaller and more affordable. I have a feeling that will be the home of the dual-motor powertrain, but only time will tell.  

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