A large, fast-charging station - with Fastned and Tesla chargers - will be built at the upcoming Energy Superhub Oxford on Oxford’s ring road in the UK, as the fruit of a partnership between Pivot Power, Oxford City Council & Wenea.

According to the plan, the site will be equipped with up to 38 charging stalls, including:

  • up to 14 Fastned chargers (10 initially), rated at up to 300 kW
  • 12 Tesla Superchargers (most likely V3)
  • 12 Wenea's AC charging points (7-22 kW)

The site will get up to a 10 MW power supply from renewable sources (part of that will be Fastned's solar canopy) and an energy storage system.

"Fastned, the European fast charging company, teams up with Oxford City Council, Pivot Power and Wenea to build and operate one of it’s largest fast charging stations at the upcoming Energy Superhub Oxford. The Fastned station will have up to 14 fast chargers and there will be 12 Tesla Superchargers on site. It will be one of Europe's most powerful electric vehicle charging hubs, with up to 10MW of power available for future expansion. "

As we can see, there is also a Redbridge Park and Ride facility:

Fastned fast charging station (planned) at the Energy Superhub Oxford, UK.
Fastned fast charging station (planned) at the Energy Superhub Oxford, UK.

According to Fastned, it's the first of a number of similar sites planned by Pivot Power across the UK. It will be launched before the end of 2021.

Tesla already has a lot of fast-charging stations in the UK, while for Fastned it's one of several projects that possibly might translate into a broader rollout in the future.

The best thing about the Energy Superhub Oxford is that it's a comprehensive solution that addresses most of the needs of EV drivers. With the expansion of the EV markets, we will see more and more sites like this.

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