We've been following Brian Jenkins' (i1Tesla) Tesla Model Y experience since the day he took delivery. You may remember, our own Kyle Conner joined Jenkins when he was one of the first to take delivery of the Tesla midsize crossover.

Later, Jenkins did some aftermarket work to transform his Model Y into an Overlanding vehicle. He basically lifted it and added some racks, hardware, big tires, etc. At any rate, now Jenkins has taken the Model Y to Moab, Utah for some real off-road testing, and more specifically, to test out the crossover's Off-Road Assist feature, which comes standard.


You may or may not be aware of the Model Y's off-road assist. Being that it's a family-friendly crossover and not a burly SUV, the off-road feature comes as a bit of a surprise.


However, let's remember, the Model Y is plenty powerful and capable, and it comes standard with dual-motor all-wheel drive. However, its ride height is the real issue. Thankfully, Jenkins' Overlanding upgrade took care of that.


Jenkins has posted several short teaser clips on Twitter, though he says he plans to produce a full video for his YouTube channel. We're keeping our eyes out, as we'd love to see and share more of this footage. Here's another:


If you're not familiar with Moab, it's known as a key location for testing off-road prowess. As you can see from the short clips, the Model Y appears to handle the terrain quite well. However, we'll have to wait for the full video for all the details. Chances are, the range took a big hit.

Check out the clips and then head down to our comment section to leave us your takeaways. Is the Model Y really suitable for such abuse? How about the Mustang Mach-E, which also has a big issue with ground clearance.

Videos like this make us even more excited for the Rivian R1T, Tesla Cybertruck, and Ford F-150 Lightning. GMC Hummer EV anyone?

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