In case you were eagerly waiting for BMW to reveal the sporty version of its upcoming i4 sedan, well, you need wait no more, because here it is. We’re pretty sure this is the upcoming BMW i4 M50, which is one step above the i4 M Sport that was officially revealed not long ago.

The photo was leaked on an Instagram account, but our colleagues at Motor1 were quick to save it, which is why we still have the photo to show. And we can immediately start spotting the differences this hot i4 features compared to lesser models: the front bumper appears to be the same as on the M Sport pack model, as the side skirts, but the wheels do look different and it also has the traditional M mirrors with the little winglet.

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Many details that were a lighter color on other i4s have been made dark (they’re probably black, but we can’t really tell based on this one photo) and it also looks like it rides a bit lower. It’s also worth mentioning that where the regular i4 has an i logo on the faux grille in the front, the blue vehicle in the photo bears an actual M badge; we spotted no M badges on the side of the vehicle, though.

The i4 M50 name has yet to be confirmed, but we believe it will have 523 horsepower and a 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) time of around four seconds, while its battery should provide an EPA range of around 300 miles or almost 600 km on the WLTP cycle. BMW will show off the entire i4 range on June 1, so a little over a week from now, and when they show off the hottest version of them all, it won’t be a surprise because we’ve already seen it (although we still haven’t seen the rear end or the interior which will probably have differences too).

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