Since Renault said it would make an electric vehicle based on the Renault 4, fans of the classic car are trying to imagine what it will look like. Considering the French carmaker already did a good job with the Renault 5, the new concept was not supposed to disappoint. Thanks to patent images that Autovisie discovered, we just have to ask them what they think.

It would not be fair to say the electric Renault 4 is just a copy of the original one. It dared to present some improvements, such as the name. According to Autovisie, Renault has trademarked a new one: 4Ever. It will allow for multiple word games, such as driving an electric 4Ever. Our readers will surely come up with better ones.

Renault 4 Prototype

Renault has already presented the logo for it as well. It will have the new Renault diamond with the number four inserted in the middle of it. Autovisie also found it among Renault’s trademarks.

As the Dutch publication highlights, the new Renault 4 looks like a crossover thanks to significant ground clearance. The original car was also tall, even if it was compact. The high suspension made it cope well with country roads and lousy asphalt. The new one will possibly retain that capability, even if it a much heavier machine due to the large battery pack it has to carry.

Renault 4 Prototype

Other common elements between the original and the electric car are the profile, the location of the headlights, the long hood, and even two bumper horns in both bumpers. Unfortunately, we have no images from the inside of the new car, but we expect the references to be there as well.

The CMF-EV platform will underpin the new Renault 4Ever. It is the same one the Nissan Ariya and the Renault Mégane E-Tech will introduce. We’d bet the 4Ever will have a smaller battery pack than that one in those crossovers to make it more affordable and also lighter. Let’s just hope it does not sacrifice range that much.

With the design already revealed, we just need to know when Renault will present it, start selling it, and how much it will charge for the nostalgic EV. That’s still quite a lot to discover, but we suspect it will not take long.

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