The current Mini Cooper SE is the most fun to drive electric vehicle that you can purchase for reasonable money today. However, because it only comes as a three-door hardtop, you can’t also enjoy the limitless headroom of a convertible body style, so we’re happy this is changing for the next generation Mini.

Due out in 2025, it will still be mechanically related to the current model, riding on an evolution of the current UKL platform (used in all Minis, as well as to underpin all front-wheel drive BMWs). Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport tells us that the next-gen Mini, the last Mini to be sold with internal combustion, will eventually be replaced by a range of pure-EV vehicles, around the year 2030.

The source also points out that one in five new Mini vehicles bought last year in Germany was a convertible, so there clearly is demand for the drop top. Making it electric will only make it more desirable, as well as a very unique proposition, because the only current electric drop top is the Fiat 500e, but that isn’t really a full convertible.

Mini expects that by the year 2027, over half of the vehicle it will sell globally will be fully electric. The first new fully-electric Mini will be the battery-powered GP due out in 2022, although that will still be based on the current generation of the vehicle. The automaker will also launch an all-electric version of the next Countryman (related to the upcoming BMW iX1), and there are also plans to manufacturer electric vehicles in China through a joint venture with Great Wall.

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