And, this report only really applies to the Model Y production ramp in China.

Can Tesla really achieve 80% delivery growth in 2021? It seems with just the Model Y delivery ramp in China, it's possible. Add in whatever small number of Model Y crossovers Tesla can produce and deliver from its upcoming factories in Texas and Germany, and the prospects look arguably more realistic.

One of the best things about Tesla's earning reports, conference calls, and the chatter that comes as a result of such heavily followed announcements, is that new details seem to surface for many days following the events.

Some of the news comes directly from Tesla's written reports, while other news is shared as part of the investor's conference call. Taking things a step further, once Tesla fans, skeptics, media outlets, and Wall Street analysts get ahold of the news, sift through it, and decipher it, reports and conversation reveal more important details.

According to a report by Teslarati, Loup Ventures estimates that as Tesla ramps up Model Y production, it could lead to around 80% delivery growth in 2021. It's no surprise that Tesla has big plans for production growth. The brand is currently building two new factories that will focus exclusively on the Model Y, at least initially. Tesla shared in its earnings details that it expects 50% average annual vehicle delivery growth over a multi-year timeframe, with substantial growth in 2021.


The most interesting part of this report is that it only really applies to the Model Y production ramp in China, at Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory. However, Tesla says it will be manufacturing Model Y crossovers in both Germany and Texas this year, though CEO Elon Musk did say the process wouldn't ramp up right away.

According to Loup Ventures, Tesla's delivery growth has surged since December of 2019. The automaker's delivery growth at the time was at 23%, and as of March 2021, it's up to 109%.

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