On one of their usual excursions, The Kilowatts happened upon multiple refreshed Model S sedans at the Laguna Seca track near Monterey, California. Interestingly, the guys point out that the rest of Tesla's lineup was on site as well.

Unfortunately, they were only able to grab some photos of the site and the cars. The Kilowatts tweeted that the crew was packing up when they arrived on the scene, so they're not sure if racing was involved or if any new track records were set. However, it makes sense that Tesla would hit the famous track to run times, especially related to the new Model S. We also saw recent rumors about a quicker , which could certainly be in the mix here.

The report says there were at least two Model S vehicles at the track, along with a Model 3, and a Model Y. There was also an older Model X and a Tesla Energy van.


Teslarati reported that the two refreshed Model S vehicles at Laguna Seca appear to be different trims. The observation was made based on each car's wheels. One may be a Model S Long Range, while the other is possibly the Model S Plaid.

The Model S Plaid has hit the Laguna Seca track in the past, during which it set a record. The Model 3 Performance has also set records at the California raceway.

Tesla has pushed back deliveries of the refreshed Model S and Model X Plaid and Plaid+ vehicles. However, we know the vehicles have been out testing. And, several have been spotted in various areas around the country.

This is a developing story. Hopefully, soon enough, we'll learn more about exactly what Tesla was doing at Laguna Seca. We'll keep you posted, of course.

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