While we've certainly seen some Rivian vehicles wearing camo, the startup automaker hasn't made an attempt to hide its electric pickup trucks, especially of late. Rather, it has put them on display on occasion, and it seems we've seen just about every we need to see. However, perhaps there's still more to learn about the R1T.


Rivian Forums user bajadahl recently spotted the R1T electric pickup truck in Austin, Texas. He was able to get very close to the truck and take some detailed video footage. The video provides a very good idea of the size of the R1T, and it also provides a detailed look at many aspects of the vehicle, including something interesting on the side-view mirror that we haven't noticed before.


As you can see, there's something on the mirror that appears to be a camera or some type of light. Forum user bajadahl admits that he was debating posting the image above. He says it shows a potential feature he hasn't seen mentioned before. However, he provides a warning that no decision has been made by Rivian related to the feature.

According to the user, these are two spotlights found on each side-view mirror. If activated, a driver could use them to get a closer look at ditches or anything on the forward side of the electric pickup truck. However, he shares:

"Don’t get your hopes up but that’s pretty cool and makes me wonder what other Easter eggs we might find that actually do make production."

Bajadahl also says he tried to take photos of the frunk, but he was asked to delete them. Apparently he got too close, whatever that means. He did say he was able to see where the power outlet in the frunk is located, though he was told things might change.

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