Check out how the most efficient station wagon in the world might look.

Thanks to rendering artists, we can see how any car would look without building one. The latest example comes from X-Tomi Design, which conceived a station wagon version of the Mercedes-Benz EQS. Although it would probably be less aerodynamic than the sedan, we have no doubt it would be the most energy-efficient wagon in the world.

The EQS already called a lot of attention precisely for that. When Mercedes-Benz said it would have 700 km of range, it would already compete with the Tesla Model S in terms of efficiency. A reader warned us when Mercedes-Benz updated the information to 770 km and sent us an EPA document that proved the Model S had a bigger battery pack than we thought. In other words, the EQS would beat the Tesla in that regard.

For a company that is still releasing electric cars build over platforms for combustion-engined vehicles, that is quite an accomplishment. The EQS is the first Mercedes-Benz built over a dedicated platform for electric vehicles.

Although the German brand is fond of station wagons, the EQS is not expected to present one. There was never such a version for the S-Class, and Mercedes-Benz already said it would not have a coupe or convertible derivatives due to lack of demand. The Mercedes-Maybach EQS we presented is a lot more likely.

Although it is a more practical body type, it would not surprise us if this gorgeous station wagon also did not have enough buyers to justify such a version. It would be easier to see a crossover derivative created over the same electric platform, just like the Lucid Air will have the Gravity. According to Lucid, it will be as energy-efficient as the sedan.

Despite that, we would not be surprised to see one of the wealthy buyers of the EQS hire a carrozziere to order a station wagon based on the new electric vehicle. The X-Tomi Design rendering can even work as an inspiration for that.

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