Late last evening, Tesla Owners Online posted a photo of a Tesla Cybertruck prototype. It came from Reddit, and as the story goes, it was at Tesla's Texas Gigafactory in Austin. The tweet included and @ to CEO Elon Musk, who replied minutes later. Cybertruck Owners Online also posted several of the images on its forum. including the image above.


Musk said that he was just at the factory, driving the Cybertruck. Of course, the news picked up quite quickly on Twitter. The Cybertruck is home, at the site where it will eventually be built. Comments on Twitter said Musk showed up at the factory, walked around, and talked to the crowd. 


Since Trevor Page – Tesla Owners Online – had Musk's attention, he asked about delivery timelines. However, sadly, he didn't specifically ask about the Cybertruck. Musk's response made reference to the Tesla Model Y instead. He said "limited production" this year and "high volume" next year. Musk followed it up with another tweet that simply said, "same with Berlin."


Hmm, does this mean no Cybertruck at all in 2021? We really have no way of knowing for sure. Perhaps Musk was just playing it safe or simply didn't want to answer the question.

Sawyer Merritt, Vincent, and others posted more photos from Musk's visit to the factory. 


Some folks even posted short video clips as the Cybertruck was driving around the factory grounds.


Perhaps the most interesting shots were of the Cybertruck's interior, which some say appears to be updated in some ways.


According to various reports about the happenings of the day, Musk reportedly showed up, was driving the Cybertruck prototype, and eventually spoke to, and thanked, the crowd of workers that have been building the upcoming factory.

This is a developing story. People are still posting images and replies on Twitter. If more notable information becomes available, we'll either update this article or provide more articles about the Cybertruck and the event.

In the meantime, leave us a comment. Did you know about this event? Do you have any additional details to share?

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