According to a recent Tesla stock report provided by Morgan Stanley, Tesla may be poised to produce some 100,000 Cybertrucks per year beginning in 2025. While we certainly can't rely on analysts' predictions, keeping track of various firms' Tesla targets helps paint a picture of what's to come.

Little is known about exactly when the Tesla Cybertruck will officially launch, as well as how many electric pickup trucks Tesla plans to produce over time. Regardless, analysts must continue to look at the big picture and provide updated estimates for investors.

Tesla fan and investor Sawyer Merritt relayed the news via his Twitter account. If you're unfamiliar with Merritt, he is constantly breaking "leaked" Tesla news on the platform. In addition, he tends to keep his followers, who are very likely long Tesla investors, apprised of developments related to the financial side of Tesla.

At InsideEVs, we typically don't follow, fully understand, or rush to cover the financial news, so Merritt's tweets help keep us aware of developments that we'd otherwise overlook or ignore.

Merritt highlights that the report is brief, and it covers "6 Key Considerations" that matter for Tesla, at least according to the folks at Morgan Stanley.


While the end-goal in Jonas' opinion is 100K by 2025, there is information related to the firm's estimates about more near-term Tesla Cybertruck production. Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas writes:

“We forecast 1,000 units of Cybertruck in FY21, ramping to 20k in FY22, 50k in FY23 and just under 100k in FY25."

Based on earlier comments from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, demand for the Cybertruck is off the charts. He said in a 2019 Tesla Earnings Call via Teslarati:

“I have never seen actually such a level of demand at this–we’ve never seen anything like it basically. I think we will make as about as many as we can sell for many years. So–as many–we’ll sell as many as we can make, it’s going to be pretty nuts."

Producing 100,000 Cybertucks in a year may seem like a lofty goal. However, that's less than 2,000 units per week. To put it in perspective, Teslarati reminds us that Ford builds over 1,000 pickup trucks each day, seven days a week.

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