In case you haven't heard of the Wham Baam Teslacam YouTube channel, it's a channel that creates videos of crazy Tesla dashcam and sentry mode footage sent in by Tesla owners. This weeks' video is a compilation of many submissions. If you can't watch the 19-minute video, I summarize the more interesting stories below. 

The first story is about a guy named Al that's had some bad car luck lately. He had three Teslas and a 2012 Fisker Karma totaled. The first accident was the worst. He was t-boned in his 2016 Model X and was thrown 40 feet away after hitting a light post and tree. He walked out of the Model X okay. When he got his 2019 Model X, he was rear-ended, and the damage was so bad his insurance company totaled it out. When he was waiting on his third Model X, his Fisker was also rear-ended and deemed a total loss by his insurance company. The Model S he ordered to replace the Fisker was wrecked in transport. I hope Al gets better luck soon. 

The next story, which starts at about 5:15, shows a Tesla owner witnessing a little dog running away from its owners and up a street that had a blind corner with cars quickly coming down it. The Tesla owner avoided the dog in the street but then floored it to get ahead of the dog and warn oncoming traffic. The timing was perfect. There was a Jeep coming down the street that could have hit the dog but the Tesla owner warned him just in time and the dog was okay. If the Tesla was a slower accelerating vehicle, the Jeep might not have been warned in time. 

Another story that stands out starts at about 10:20 in the video. A Ford Mustang hits a Model 3 from behind going less than 10 mph. It was a fender bender that caused light damage to both vehicles. From the video, it looks like the Tesla's rear bumper, driver-side quarter panel, and trunk lid received damage. What's crazy is that the bill from the insurance company was $31,000 for just the Model 3. Part of it was for a rental, but still, $30k for a fender bender is a lot. 

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