Burglars and thieves are blissfully unaware that all newer Teslas have an array of eight cameras that allow them to record anything that happens around them, as well as inside the vehicle.

This means it’s not only a bad idea to try to steal something from inside a Tesla, but it’s equally bad to try to damage the car or steal from another car parked right next to it, or do any kind of shady illegal activity around it (unless you really want to get identified).

In fact, in the latter case, you’ll be even more visible as the cameras are angled to see around the Tesla, not necessarily the vehicle itself. Well, check out this video of a burglar just casually breaking the window of a parked car (that looks like a Hyundai Elantra) and grabbing a purse from one of the front seats (this is why police advise against leaving potentially valuable items in plan view in your car when you’re not aboard yourself).


The perpetrator even looks at the camera that was recording him, and after snatching the purse, he tries to break the white Model Y’s window with either a ninja rock (broken shard of spark plug tip) or a spring-loaded metal divot (most likely the latter). He tries to break the side window multiple times, but he fails and decides it’s not worth it to linger around, so he flees the scene.

We believe the Model Y is an example fitted with double glazing and that the tried and true window breaking technique is not so easy to execute. The owner of the Model Y was working out at the gym and when she had finished and was returning to her car, she saw it surrounded by police questioning witnesses, trying to get information about how the burglary happened.

Obviously the most incriminating piece of evidence for the masked burglar is the Sentry Mode video. The incident took place in Kaysville, Utah and the police are currently trying to identify the man (who was wearing a surgical mask), a task that would have been much harder without the video footage.

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