The GMC Hummer EV SUV made its official debut a couple of days ago, but the truck/SUV brand still had plenty more to share about its big, beasty electric vehicle. Besides a raft of new photos – check out the expanded gallery below – we also got lots of details into many of its features.

It's likely it will share most of these goodies with the Hummer EV SUT that will begin deliveries late this year, but the fully-roofed version is unique in some respects. For one, its wheelbase is a full nine inches shorter than that if its pickup stablemate. That distinguishes it in a number of ways.

For one, it gives it smaller turning radius. And, if you tick the box to get four-wheel steering (which you probably should), you'll get a tighter turning radius than many smaller vehicles: 35.4 feet (10.8 meters), to be exact. And, if do choose four-wheel steering, you'll also be able to access "crabwalk." As you can see in the video below, that 10-degrees of rear-wheel steering can help get you out of tight situations.

Combined with it 126.7-inch (3218-mm) wheelbase and a very short rear overhang – 11 inches (279 mm) shorter than the pickup – the SUV should be very capable off-road. This is all expressed in approach, departure, and breakover angles. With the vehicle in "extract mode," which raises the body by six inches, it can traverse a steep downhill followed almost immediately by a steep uphill. Check out the brief video directly below for a visual explainer.

Also assisting in its off-road duties is a suite of cameras – optionally up to 17 of them. Besides  in normal places, the Hummer SUV can feature them on it underside and wheel hubs to help you judge clearance. Of course, they're bound to get pretty dirty down there so they're also equipped with washers.

Back to that short wheelbase for a moment. One way it does not improve the SUV is range and power. Since the area between the axles is where the back pack dwells, less space here means a smaller pack. Whereas the long-wheelbase pickup can accommodate 24 Ultium battery modules, the SUV has to make due with 20. This is why its power output numbers are limited to "only" 830 horses and its range a "mere" 300-plus miles. Luckily, it still manages to have enough power to scoot to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds in some its tri-motor configuration.

GMC was also keen to point out the rigidity of the Hummer EV SUV's structure is aided by the way that battery pack in integrated into the belly of this beast. It's this torsional rigidity, they say, that allows for the same kind of "infinity roof" found in the pickup. For fans of removable glass roofs – that's pretty much everyone, right? – the company has provided yet another computer-generated video which "explodes" the body of the the vehicle down to its chassis (below). What they don't show but is worth mentioning that the glass panels can be store in the back beneath the floor, leaving the massive frunk (front trunk) available for holding more gear.

Speaking of the back area, it is quite large. Open up the back swing gate, with its retractable glass window, and you'll find a pretty decently-sized space. Fold the second row of seats down flat, and it provides a very utilitarian 81.8 cubic feet (2316 liters). 

Moving to the front of the five-passenger compartment, you'll find things laid out much like they are in the pickup, though in more subdued colors. They include the same 13.4-inch infotainment screen attached to the center console and 12.3-inch screen behind the steering wheel. 

It is on that center screen that you can project some handy features for off-roading from the myGMC app from your phone which, incidentally, also acts as your key fob. The app will feature satellite-rendered trail mapping, so you can see the path ahead (and behind) in good detail. It will also inform you how much energy a particular trail will require and how much you are using as you traverse it.

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If you are out on the trail (or anywhere, really) and need a source of electricity to power a stove or a chainsaw, the optional "Power Station" generator can provide 3kW to fulfill your needs (120v/25A/3kW). Or, if by chance you need to give another electric vehicle a boost, it can lend a hand there with 6 kW (240v/25A/6kW).

Besides the standard type of options, GMC is diving deep into the accessories game. From light bars to roof racks, they say there will be over 200 different adornments and doodads to choose from. And why not? If a customer is willing to plunk down a minimum of $80k for a vehicle, they're likely to want a few trimmings that are designed specifically to work with it.

The one thing that makes us just a little bit sad about the Hummer EV SUV is waiting for it to arrive in buyers garages. The Edition 1, which is already sold out, is only arriving in early 2023. That's more than a year after the SUT begins to roll from the freshly renovated Detroit-Hamtramck plant, now dubbed Factory Zero.

Still, when it does enter production, GMC believes it will significantly outsell the SUT with the open bed. After seeing just how trick this SUV will be, we kind of have to agree with them. The only question for some, besides how to pay for it, will be which of the seven initial colors they'll want it painted in. If you're in that boat, check out the little clip below that runs through them.

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