In case you missed it, the GMC Hummer EV with VIN 001 sold at a Barret-Jackson auction for a whopping $2.5 million. We got to see the Hummer EV roll on stage under its own power but not much else. Fortunately, YouTuber Speed Phenom somehow got up close and personal with the Hummer EV behind the scenes showing some things we haven't seen before. 

After the Hummer EV rolled off the stage and all the congratulating and handshaking happened, Speed Phemon followed (more like ran after) the electric truck to its transport vehicle: a huge Reliable semi-truck. Before they load the Hummer into the covered trailer, you can see the vehicle handlers putting the removable top pieces back on. 

Hummer EV loading on a trailer

At one point you can hear them question Speed Phenom’s presence (10:28) and someone says “He’s a YouTuber.” Later one guy says, “My truck is going to be on your next video.” So it’s obvious they don’t mind him being there. They even let him get right next to the EV when it’s on the trailer. 

Underneath Hummer EV

Luckily, since the Hummer EV was up on the trailer, he got to film underneath the truck. This could be one of the first times we get a look at the electric truck’s undercarriage. On the Hummer EV’s website, the company says the truck is available with full underbody armor: “Utilizing study steel plates and shields around the differential and battery pack, the available full underbody armor and rock sliders help protect the Hummer EV in extreme off-roading environments.” 

Hummer EV undercarriage

It’s pretty clear that this particular prototype has full underbody armor, it even looks similar to the one pictured on GMC’s website (above). You also get a close-up view of the running boards, the big Goodyear off-road tires, and the beefy rear lower control arms. It's also neat to see the Hummer EV driving under its own power outside of promotional testing footage. 

Reservations for the Hummer EV Edition 1 are full and deliveries should start this Fall. 

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