The two suspects were driving a red Nissan Sentra with a third passenger inside, a 6-year-old child. They fired many shots at 21-year-old victim Jawaun Davis, a person reported to be in a rival Chicago gang. Now, they face potential life sentences for murder.

Surveillance video from multiple cameras at local businesses recorded as the event transpired. In addition, multiple witnesses were aware of the attack. Matthew Givens and Cortez Hudson were trying to get away after the incident, and they attempted to carjack a Tesla in the process. It was their attempt to switch cars that ended in their arrest.

Police officers responded to reports that a Nissan Sentra was driving unsafely. When they responded to the incident, the occupants of the Sentra fled, weaved into and out of traffic, ran red lights, etc.

The Sentra eventually got out of the police officers' view. However, when the police caught back up, they saw two men exit the vehicle with a 6-year-old boy. Hudson approached a Tesla owner who was showing off his car to a friend. Hudon pointed his gun at the two people near the Tesla and told them it was a carjacking.

Chicago police officer Ray Hanania told the Chicago Tribune that the attempt to carjack the Tesla was what led to the arrest. Apparently, the carjackers couldn't figure out how to start the Tesla. However, there are no specific details about why they couldn't get the Tesla to start. He shared via Teslarati:

“The Tesla owner was threatened, and he left the vehicle to the carjackers, (but when Givens and Hudson got in the car, they were unable to) figure out how to get it started. (That delay) allowed police to catch up with them and arrest them."

Givens and Cortez have now been charged with attempted carjacking, as well as murder. Reportedly, the shots fired at Jawaun Davis prior to taking off in the Nissan Sentra, resulted in murder.

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