The Rivian R1T truck and R1S SUV will start delivers in June and in August, respectively. Reservations for the Launch Edition are full for both, but people can put down a refundable deposit for the Adventure and Explore models, which are due early next year. But there are still some things reservation holders and potential buyers still don't know about Rivian's EVs. If you can't watch the 16-minute video, below is a quick breakdown. 

The Colors

Anyone can see the colors offered in Rivian's configuration site, but how do they look in person? Rivian likes to cover its prototypes in cool wraps but hasn't shown many of the colors offered in video or out in public. Lighting changes the way colors look and people want to see what Rivian colors really look like. 

Rivian R1T ©2020 Andi Hedrick

More Data and Specs

Rivian lists some basic specs on the R1T and R1S sites, but a lot is still missing. For example, the company still doesn't advertise horsepower or torque figures, you have to rely on third-party estimates for that. But that's just one example of vehicle information and specs still missing. 

Infotainment/User Interface System

Rivian hasn't released much information on this. We have seen quick glimpses of the system in photos and video but we have never seen a demonstration of it. Rivian should release a video of how the infotainment system looks and how it works. 


There is some information on Rivian's service operation and fleet but not much. Where will service centers be and how many? Also, what areas will the company's mobile service fleet be located in? How long do Rivian owners have to wait for service and repairs? Fortunately, EVs require a lot less maintenance than gas vehicles but they still get issues and need repairs. 

Rivian R1S


The electric automaker has yet to release any warranty information. I'm sure many reservation holders and potential buyers want to know the warranty of the battery pack. 


This is a less important one since buyers can source it from outside the company but it's still valuable information. What kind of financing and lease options will Rivian offer? 

Exact Delivery Timing

According to the video presenters, reservation holders do not know the exact date of delivery yet or what their place in line is. Delivers for the R1T start in June but when will those towards the middle or at the end of the list get their electric truck? This is important for people who have a lease ending soon or are considering something else. 

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