If you want a small, electric Mercedes-Benz crossover but you think the EQA is too compromised when it comes to interior space and practicality, then the EQB will be right up your street. It’s also looks less like a jacked up hatchback, and more like a proper mini-SUV, even though it is basically the same as the EQA underneath.

Do keep in mind, though, that just like the EQA, chances are the EQB will also be a front-wheel drive-only affair (at least at launch), so even though it will look capable of traversing treacherous terrain, it won’t really be any more capable. Mercedes has stated that it intends to launch all-wheel drive versions of both, but we don’t exactly know when they will debut - all Mercedes has said about these AWD versions so far is

Further variants to meet specific customer requirements will follow. These will include on the one hand all-wheel-drive models with an additional electric powertrain (eATS).

The all-wheel-drive models will offer an even higher towing capacity.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz EQB during winter testing

What you will gain more of, though, is interior space - the gas-burning equivalent of the EQB, the GLB, is so much bigger inside, it even comes as a seven-seater (although we don’t think the EQB will get a third row). And if you were wondering what the EQB is going to look like, well, you can stop wondering because this rendering we got from Motor.es does a great job previewing it.

Sure, it’s not 100 percent accurate and some details will differ, but between the GLB and the rest of the manufacturer’s EQ-badged models, we can get a pretty good idea of its actual look. We won’t have long to wait before we see it, though, as it’s expected to be shown sometime this year, probably not long after the April 15 reveal of the EQS sedan flagship.

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