The MG brand, owned by SAIC, recently revealed the Marvel R electric SUV for Europe, but it looks like it’s saving the best for its home market, China. We give you the R ES33 concept, a coupe-like electric crossover that really shows just how much Chinese car designs have come in recent years. The same goes for the aforementioned Marvel R.

The ES33 looks so good, it could have easily borne any established European or Japanese badge and we would have been none the wiser. The front and rear fascias are very modern and well designed, the side profile of the car highlights the dramatic roofline and it appear as if the A-pillar is unusually thin for a modern car; this could be a visual trick, but it really does look great, even if the side profile is perhaps a bit too similar to a Tesla Model Y’s.

Technical specifications are not really mentioned, but we are told the claimed range of the production version is expected to be 700 km (434 miles), based on the very optimistic NEDC cycle. If it’s mechanically-related to the Marvel R, then it too could have a similar tri-motor setup that gives the MG a combined 285 horsepower and 665 Nm (490-pound feet).

In case you were wondering, R is SAIC’s new premium brand and the ES33 possibly previews its first production model. SAIC points out that in order to create the ES33’s advanced safety systems, it partnered up with Luminar Technologies, a world leader in LIDAR hardware and software. It apparently has some 33 sensors on-board, and it can detect something the size of a soda can in the road from 150 meters away.

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