When we wrote about the Carver Cargo, we were sure that its tilting capacity would only make the couriers have fun while working. Delivering food and beverages would be a challenge, but Carver warned us about a video that shows it is right the opposite: leaning helps the drinks stay in place and prevents the cheese on top of the pizza from sliding to the borders.

Make sure you watch the short video above to see how that works. When the Carver Cargo tilts toward the inside of the curve, it follows the natural movement liquids or melted food would make due to inertia, leveling the base of cups, plates, and other recipients to them. In other words, the electric delivery trike prevents spilling.

Carver Cargo Shows How It Can Carry Food And Drinks Better Than Anyone

The Dutch subtitles state that the Carver Cargo stably delivers delicious pizzas. They also warn that the Cargo presents excellent brakes, which demand the couriers to be really careful when stopping. That is when a real mess could be created, especially if the tailgate is open.

Carver also made an important remark regarding prices. The company presents them according to the incentives the vehicles can receive. That makes the Cargo cost €9,990 in countries where companies can get back their VATs. Anywhere else, the real price would be €12,088, equivalent to $14,400 under the current exchange rate.

With the funding Carver obtained by going public at the NPEX, the company plans to expand sales to many other European countries. It will soon look for suitable resale partners in many of these countries. If you think it is a suitable proposition for your market and customers, getting in touch with them before they learn about your business can be an effective competitive advantage.

After checking how the leaning mechanism can help deliver all sorts of goods, including foods and beverages, even American companies may want to contact Carver. Can you imagine Domino’s with Carvers instead of its DXPs?

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