A recent report by Green Car Congress sheds light on a new all-electric vehicle that delivers vaccines, though it really does a whole lot more. The Electric Vaccine Vehicle (EVV) was designed and manufactured by AYRO, a company that specializes in "light-duty, short-haul, and last-mile delivery electric vehicles."

The self-contained EVV has the ability to safely store vaccine doses while it transports and delivers them to various locations. It also delivers disease testing materials.

Green Car Congress says the AYRO EVV is constructed with medical-grade equipment. It can be ordered via a partnership between designer AYRO and mobile food cart leader Gallery. The small, low-speed EV is designed to navigate into and out of tight areas to streamline and speed up the distribution of testing supplies and vaccines. Moreover, this EV can actually drive up to people who are in line for a vaccine, delivering their dose instantly.

While this vehicle may not be seen as something that could make a huge impact in highly populated areas where delivery vehicles and vaccine facilities are plenty, it could work to serve less-developed and underprivileged populations.

According to Green Car Congress, EVV sales, financing, and management will be controlled by the world's largest "pure-play" automotive fleet manager Element Fleet Management Corporation. Another company, Club Car, will handle sales and service support for Element.

What exactly is the AYRO EVV capable of?

The list of capabilities is lengthy. However, we've highlighted a few of the most interesting features below:

  • Refrigerate and freeze vaccine doses (live temperature monitoring and tracking included)
  • Mobile onboard sinks and medical-grade supplies
  • Indoor emissions-free operation
  • 50-mile range (6-8 hours of equipment operation)
  • Charges on standard 100V wall outlet
  • Serves as a small 100-square-foot vaccination station
  • Supports drive-through vaccine administration
  • Can drive up to 25 mph on city streets with speed limits up to 35 mph

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