According to J.D. Power, 27 percent of all people that are very likely to consider a new EV think about Tesla. Despite that, only 4 percent do not want to consider anything else. For all the 23 percent left, the variety of new options is widening, and the VW ID.4 is the most recent one in the US. According to the Edmunds review above, it is better the Model Y and the Model 3.

The newcomer did not achieve that with an amazing performance. With a 0 to 60 mph time of 7.7 seconds in Edmunds’ track test, it is fast, but not Tesla fast. Despite that, Mark Takahashi thinks it is a better choice because of everything else involved.


Edmunds makes quite a comprehensive evaluation of the car, which stands out of most of the other ones for their track tests. You may think that’s just an extra, but the truth is that a VBox and some time on a track tell you a lot about a car. Apart from all the car behavior impressions, it gives you numbers you can compare to the competition.

Takahashi stresses that the ID.4 is a much more comfortable car than the Model Y or the Model 3. He also liked the fact that the infotainment system is not as distracting as those in the Tesla vehicles.

Another plus is the ID.4 interior, which would be much nicer than that of the Hyundai Kona Electric or Kia Niro EV. He probably referred to those vehicles as examples of good interiors that the ID.4 managed to beat.

When it comes to range, he mentions the 250 miles would be more than enough for a car that drives so well. Tesla supporters may mention that the Model Y Long Range delivers 326 miles according to its EPA numbers, but Car And Driver reached only 220 miles with that car. The Long Range – at $48,990 – is now the entry-level for that car after Tesla killed the Standard Range Plus.

Curiously, when it comes to getting an EV with a more entertaining drive, Takahashi said the Mustang Mach-E stands out, which almost suggests that the Ford beats the ID.4 and the Teslas in that aspect. Let’s see if sales confirm Takahashi’s impressions.

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