The lack of charging infrastructure is still arguably the biggest obstacle to EV adoption. However, Tesla owners have an advantage since the company runs its own, proprietary Supercharger network with strategically placed charging stations across the globe. Despite the network, there can be long lines, especially at peak times in the winter.

EV charging takes longer in the winter due to the cold temperatures. In addition, EV owners have less range in cold weather. This means that already busy Tesla Supercharger stations can be even busier this time of year. Regardless of this reality, Tesla says even during peak times last summer, about 98% of Telsa owners in Norway were able to charge within 10 minutes of arriving at a Supercharger station.  While this is impressive, it's not good enough, and Tesla is coming up with ideas to reduce wait times.

The most obvious solution here would be to build more Supercharger stations and increase charging speed. However, Tesla is already constantly expanding its charging network, and its new V3 Superchargers are capable of much faster charging. 

Tesla could also choose to raise its prices for Supercharging, forcing more people to charge at home or elsewhere, but this would likely upset people more, especially in the winter, when they're already dealing with range loss, longer charging times, and long lines.

Much like just about everything Tesla does, its plan is the opposite of what some people may have expected. To reduce lines at Superchargers in Norway, Tesla is offering discounted charging rates at non-peak times on non-peak days. If the company can offer cheaper charging at certain times, people may choose to charge then instead of during their commute.

According to Teslarati, as part of Tesla's Supercharging pilot plan, it's reducing charging prices by 50% for the next three Sundays in a row: February 20, February 27, and March 6. A spokesperson said this is part of a larger plan by Tesla to better learn how pricing "can be used to encourage our customers to use the Supercharger capacity better." Reportedly, Tesla is testing similar plans in other areas, such as Colorado and California, though there hasn't been detailed reporting on the subject.

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