Does the BMW i4 have what it takes to shake up the electric sports sedan segment? It will be a real thorn in the Tesla Model 3’s side if it proves to be as competent as everyone expects it to be.

The most powerful version should be quicker than the Model 3, with an estimated 530 horsepower on tap, and while it won’t beat the Tesla for range, 270 miles according to the EPA (or 373 miles on the WLTP cycle) puts it in a category of genuinely usable long-range EVs. It will probably be a bit more expensive than the Model 3 (with an estimated starting price of at least $50,000).

Gallery: 2022 BMW i4 Spied Again

Our spies recently sent us a fresh batch of photos showing a much more lightly camouflaged i4. Through these photos, we finally get to see the car’s lines unaltered by plastic cladding added to conceal its actual shape.

And what do these photos tell us? Well, the ginormous grille is still there, still completely covered up and therefore not serving any functional purpose. BMW could have stamped its identity across the i4’s fascia in a different way and it could have made the car itself more visually unique compared to the 4 Series Gran Coupe it shares its body with.

The rest of the car is predictably a 4 Series Gran Coupe with some minor changes. We don’t, for instance, expect the gas-burning 4 Series GC to come with flush door handles (the i4 prototype here appears to have them), but the more traditional ones used on most other BMWs - the pop-out handles will most likely be unique to the i4. As we were expecting, the i4 is a hatchback and it doesn’t appear as if its rear lights will be any different to those of the regular ICE model.

The BMW i4 will be revealed sometime this year, but you probably won’t be able to drive one until 2022.

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