General Motor's Super Bowl ad that had Will Ferrell enraged when he found out that Norway was "out EV-ing the US" has sparked a flurry of responses from the likes of Ford, Audi, and even the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg.

GM's marketing campaign actually included a few quick videos that pre-date the commercial and show Ferrell learning that Norway was way ahead of the US in EV sales. Ferrell's frustration leads to him ordering 5 million anchovy pizzas to Norway as a way to prank them for being better at buying EVs than the US is. 

Ferrell eventually comes up with a better idea, which is to get some friends (comedians Keenan Thompson and Awkwafina) and bring some American made EVs (he took GM's two upcoming EVs, the Cadillac Lyriq and the GM Hummer EV) to Norway and let them know (jokingly) that the US won't stand for Norway's EV dominance anymore. 


Ford then joins in on the fun and Audi has their own strange take on how to get in on the attention that EVs were getting from GM's Ferrell spot. 

Now, we see a Tesla enthusiast that also sells Telsa air fresheners and some other Tesla-specific merchandise and operates the YouTube channel Minimal Duck has joined the party. He's created a spec ad from footage that he shot when he recently visited Norway. 

The video reminds us that there are plenty of US-made EVs in Norway already, and it's great that GM is "better late than never".

Tesla spec ad in Norway

Jumping on the pizza theme he congratulates GM for "Joining the Pizza Party" in Norway. We've seen other Tesla spec ads that were made by fans and this one, like many of the others was done very well. There's little chance that Tesla would actually see it and offer to buy the rights because Tesla just doesn't advertise. Plus, why should it when there are fans like this that make the content and publish it for free?

With all of these responses to the Ferrell EV-ad campaign, it's pretty clear that GM has accomplished its goal of getting people talking about EVs, and hopefully, that will inspire more awareness and ultimately lead to increased market share. The US has a long way to go to catch up with Norway when it comes to EV adoption. 

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