The long-awaited, second-generation Tesla Roadster, might finally find its way into production next year.

Tesla's Elon Musk, asked about this ultra-fast electric car, answered that engineering work is coming to an end and production will start in 2022. This year we might even see a close to production release candidate version on the road:

"Finishing engineering this year, production starts next year. Aiming to have release candidate design drivable late summer."

The main task for the project - new three-motor drive system (one electric motor in the front and two in the rear) and battery system - seems to be mostly completed. Tesla is pioneering its tri-motor system with the new Model S/X Plaid versions.

"Tri-motor drive system & advanced battery work were important precursors."


The Tesla Roadster will be the sportiest Tesla model ever with the quickest acceleration, fancy features (including rockets), and possibly even a range of some 620 miles.

However, the new Roadster has been delayed quite a few times now so that Tesla could focus on other cars like the Model Y. Let's hope next year production finally gets underway.

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