Nissan LEAF is slowly fading in Japan, ahead of its expected upcoming extinction. In its home market, sales decreased in 11 out of 12 months of 2020, which resulted in a weak 2020.

With 11,285 sales in 2020 (down 43% year-over-year), LEAF is at the lowest level since 2015.

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan - December 2020


The cumulative LEAF sales stand at 146,216. The Ariya is scheduled for market launch in Japan in mid-2021, so there is a big chance to reach 150,000 units by then.


The fade of the LEAF is pretty similar in the U.S., where less than 10,000 units were delivered in 2020.

It's difficult to say what will happen next. Maybe the LEAF will stay on sale for a while, until the Ariya ramp-up, but so far, there are no signs that there will be another generation of the LEAF.

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