We recently told you that the Tesla Model Y is officially approved for sale in China. Since then, some people have spotted made-in-China Model Y crossovers at Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory. On December 10, YouTuber and drone operator WU WA caught a China-made Model Y out testing at the Tesla factory in China. 

As you can see from the video above, the Model Y is shown at the Shanghai Gigafactory's vehicle testing area. At this point, there's no way to know if this is a one-off test car or if Tesla has officially started producing the Model Y at the Chinese factory.

If Tesla could begin building and delivering the Model Y in China prior to the end of the year, that would make sense, especially since the electric automaker is seemingly doing everything it can to boost deliveries and meet or exceed its 2020 goals. However, the chances of any China-made Model Y deliveries happening before the end of the year seems next to impossible.

According to Teslarati, Model Y casts were also spotted at the Shanghai Gigafactory last week. The publication says this is yet another indication that Model Y production may be quietly underway in China. We know CEO Elon Musk has pushed hard of late to emphasize the importance of production, so this could certainly be the icing on the cake.

The rather lengthy video shot and produced by WU WA shows the Model Y leisurely driving around the test track. While we don't get to see it up close, it's clear that this is a Model Y crossover.

Do you think Model Y production is underway in China? If so, is there any chance Tesla will deliver at least one China-made Model Y in 2020? Leave us you thoughts in the comment section below.

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