Kia will make its own version of electric crossover that will be mechanically very similar to the Hyundai Ioniq 5. It is believed to be called the Kia CV and even though it’s believed to be shown in 2021, Kia is clearly doing its best to hide it as it is being tested around the Nurburgring.

Gallery: Kia CV EV

We don’t know how close the production version’s front and rear fascias will be to the concept’s, because these areas are deliberately hidden to make them impossible to see. The Kia Imagine concept had a face dominated by strips of LEDs and a fastback style rear end with very slim light clusters.

It also had rear-hinged back doors, but we’re pretty sure those were there just for show and they won’t make it into production. We’ve actually had a bit of a better look at the Hyundai equivalent of this model, the Ioniq 5, which we know will stick quite closely to the design of the concept that previewed it.

Our spies report that aside from the heavily disguised prototype, which they spotted testing around the Nurburgring, Kia also had a Tesla Model 3 and a Jaguar I-Pace there probably for benchmarking reasons. Currently we have no information on actual performance or range, but since Kia and Hyundai are already pretty good when it comes to the latter with their current crop of EVs, it’s safe to assume that it will be very competitive.

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