Mercedes-Benz made the Vision AVTR study inspired by and in order to promote the upcoming new Avatar movie. It was the manufacturer’s vision of a vehicle from the distant future, but it wasn’t just a rolling sculpture - you could actually drive it.

However, while we did get to see the vehicle moving under its own power, Mercedes hadn’t shown us what it was like to actually travel inside the study which, by the way, doesn’t have a steering wheel. It is instead guided through a joystick-type controller - that’s all the driver has at his or her disposal to keep the car’s 350 kW (479 horsepower) in check; it’s also used to make the car drive sideways (the so-called ‘ crab movement ‘).

And it’s not just the driving experience that’s unique in this car - it doesn’t have a dashboard, with buttons or screens to press. In the Vision AVTR, all you do is raise your hand an icons are projected onto it and you can move through them or close your palm to select.

But this video isn’t just about going for a ride in this stunning concept, but to also better understand the thinking behind it and how exactly it was created, including the materials it’s made from. If you were intrigued by the concept’s unusual look and its elegant style, then you’ll definitely find a lot to like in this video.

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