Electrify Canada, a sister company to Volkswagen's Electrify America, just announced that the new stations across Canada will be equipped with overhead canopies to provide year-round weather protection.

The attached photo shows an example installation of the canopy above DC fast chargers. Another cool thing is the overhead lighting. The first canopy has been installed at the Canadian Tire in Agincourt.

Electrify Canada will add overhead coverings to the "majority" of its stations in Canada (32 stations with 128 chargers are planned in the first phase), "with the goal of covering all stations".

We strongly believe that the overhead canopies should be installed at all fast-charging stations, especially the big ones along major routes. Electrify Canada seems to be well aware that it enhances the experience:

"For EV drivers who have likely battled pelting rain, blazing heat or an iconic Canadian snowstorm while trying to charge up, this is a welcome update."

"Constructed of aluminum, the canopies will provide broad coverage of Electrify Canada’s charging stations, sheltering drivers from the elements and making the experience of charging up in inclement weather safer and more accessible"

On the other hand, a canopy for sure increases the cost of installation and until the charging stations are profitable, it's difficult to justify the additional expense. This is probably the reason why we don't see many canopies at Electrify America, EVGO or Tesla Supercharging networks.

The first Electrify Canada charging station was launched in Toronto in the fall of 2019. Up to date, the company installed an additional five more in Ontario and one station Merritt, B.C. The power output is up to 350 kW.

Robert Barrosa, chief operating officer, Electrify Canada said:

“Electrify Canada already provides a quick and convenient way to charge up your EV, and we believe the installation of these new canopies will further enhance the charging experience at our stations. While we can’t control the weather, we can help the drivers using our chargers feel sheltered and protected from whatever Mother Nature throws at them.”#

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