I recently came across some information that has the potential to transform the EV landscape. Being a fan of Hyperchange TV and knowing the host Galileo Russell’s interest in such topics, I recently posted the following message to his Patreon account.

Hello Gali,

Please read this New Atlas interview (if you haven’t already). (1)

So, apparently NDB Tech believes that they will be able to create a radioisotope powered “battery” that is capable of generating enough electricity to power an EV continuously for years without ever needing to be recharged.

The thing that jumps out at me about the interview is the several references to Tesla. Another thing that jumps out at me about the company is its location, Pleasanton, CA. That’s less than 15 miles east of Fremont, CA.

If NDB does have something or even if they think they do, you can be sure that they’ve talked to Tesla.

Now, do I think that Elon and crew will be unveiling a nano-diamond-battery on Tuesday? No! I don’t think that there is even a Byton’s chance that they’ll be doing that. I’m no scientist, but I think I understand a little about radioactive materials. I personally find it difficult to quickly accept that a decaying isotope could provide enough juice to power an EV.

However, it is very fun to imagine the possibilities. Talk about a “moonshot Monday” (OK, a moonshot Tuesday in this case). What if this was revealed on Tuesday? It would definitely be “mind-blowing” and would definitely qualify as something that would seem like “alien technology”

Imagine the possibilities. EV range anxiety, gone! (2)  Charging infrastructure challenges, gone! The billions that might have been spent on charging infrastructure could be diverted elsewhere.  Concerns about rare earth metals and their supply chains, “fini”! This would not be just a battery that could last a million miles of charge/discharge cycles, but one that could potentially last a million miles of driving without EVER recharging.

Such an announcement would, in one quick moment, make ALL IC cars instantly obsolete. The anxious wait for the EV tipping point would be “ovah”.

I reached out to NDB engineers through their representing communications firm (3) and they strongly reassured me that their technology has the ability to power an EV.

Let’s suppose for a moment that they are right. OK, I’m willing to suspend a little disbelief, say 20% or so. I’m not going to hold my breath, but at the same time, I am willing to do the waiting game and see what pans out. 

And like I said, you can be sure that they’ve talked to Tesla. Why wouldn’t they? Let’s suppose for a moment that the quantum physics works. What person and what company in this whole wonky world would you want to talk to? Who in the world would be best suited to accept your drop the hat, paradigm-shifting, quantum leaping, revolutionary technology?  

Where could you go and tell the company “Uh, you know what, your ladder is leaning against the wrong building? All those billions you’ve invested in Li-ion batteries and charging infrastructure are, well, a waste.” I can think of one sole person that would be willing to hear this and do something about it. That person would be the man who said, “The best part is ... no part. The best process is … no process.” That would be Elon, of course. Perhaps he alone would accept the idea and implement it rather than try to squash or shutter it.

There’s one thing that we can be sure of. If this technology is truly valid, Tesla will eventually use it. If it’s real we’ll eventually hear about it from Tesla. I doubt we’ll hear about it on Tuesday, but if it proves out to be true it will eventually totally change the transportation landscape forever and do so in a hurry.

Now, this may seem counter-intuitive, but as a Tesla stockholder, I’d actually be a little concerned if Tesla did unveil an NDB on Tuesday. I’d be worried that we might experience another autonomy day reaction. The technology would be so foreign and so seemingly far fetched that most people wouldn’t readily believe it. It would be another one of Elon’s far-flung promises. They’d be thinking something akin to “crazy old Maurice”. I for one however will readily accept it, IF Elon signs off on it. I think he understands the physics way better than I do.

Like I said, I’m willing to cut NDB some slack and wait and see what happens.

Thanks for all your Tesla enthusiasm.  Because of you I got involved and passionate about EVs and Tesla.

All The Best

Geoff Shelley

What do you think? What do you know about nano-diamond-batteries? Do you think that they may be a way to power EVs and other things? What do you think might happen if they prove out to be valid?

We haven't heard back from Gali Russell, but we'll update this article if he responds and allows us to share his words.

  1. New Atlas NDB interview: https://newatlas.com/energy/ nano-diamond-battery- interview-ndb
  2. Tangent thought. “What? Your pitiful gas car only goes 500 miles on a tank? So sad. That must give you anxiety.”
  3. Commstrat.com
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